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All You Need To Know

Short, beautifully designed books which bring their subjects to life. In each case, far from taking a dry, textbook approach, a master storyteller cuts through the noise and gives you the big picture with a compelling and concise narrative.


All You Need To Know

Twelve short but beautifully written books that seek to simplify and explain our world.

“Every week I’m inspired by accounts of all the ‘essential’ and ‘authoritative’ books I ought to be reading. My shelves and conscience groan in unison under the weight of the huge history books for which I’ve never found the stamina.”

So writes Helen Brown in the Daily Mail.

It’s what so many of us feel.

Far too much information. Not nearly enough time.

How on earth can we actually READ all those monstrously long books we keep adding to our shelves, however interested we are in the subjects?   

And yet we all want to know more – about our past, about our history, about our culture.

Now, at last, there’s an answer. “Mercifully,” says Helen Brown in the Mail, a new series of short books has come along to reduce long, complex topics into short, easily digestible books.

And they’re nothing like the “dry, bullet-pointy style” of GCSE textbooks.

“The masterstroke of series editor Jolyon Connell lies in his enlistment of experts, who maintain their literary verve and sharp opinions in short form.”

 The All you need to know books adopt the same philosophy as The Week. Which is hardly surprising. Jolyon Connell, the editor, also founded The Week. And he passionately believes that in our time-poor, information-heavy age there is a growing need for magazines and books which are clear, accessible, enjoyable – and short.

That is what prompted him to launch the All you need to know series.

So please support this bold new venture. 

And why not order books for a friend? They’d make a great present.

Here is a link to the review of Sexuality in The Economist: